Lyn Calu

Lyn Calu

Executive Assistant to the President/CEO, Special Projects

313-873.3200 x111

My Path to MMSDC

“MMSDC is off the beaten path for me. I have worked managing law firms and legal departments for more than 30 years until now. I have been involved in community events/volunteer events in many capacities for many years as well. I currently sit on the ALA Metropolitan Detroit Chapter Board as the Diversity and Inclusion and Community Connections Chair. This role will be a different one for me as I no longer have to be the boss! I am excited to be part of the MMSDC team!”


I am excited about what the mission and goals are at MMSDC and thrilled to be able to be a part of it. Also, every current employee of MMSDC that I have had the pleasure of meeting or communicating with has been enthusiastic and energized by the work they are doing. That makes me excited for this opportunity.

Outside of Work, I enjoy

Drag racing, snowmobiling, boating, biking, family events and travel with my family, volunteering as a group and/or family for multiple different local charities/events.

My Family…
Is spectacular! My husband, Dan and I have been married for almost 30 years now. Dan is a retired machinist who stayed home with our kids and raised them while I provided the income for our family (we both like this option!). During his time at home, he has also coached basketball (boys and girls) and worked at the schools. Dan is also the man who taught me about cars. Before I met Dan I did not even change a tire on my car, now I could tear down a motor and rebuild it for you. Dan and I used to build fast cars and race them. Children and tuition retired that hobby for the time being. Our son, Derrick is a graduate of EMU (teaching degree); however, his career is as a Detroit Police Officer. Derrick has worked Gang Squad, Drug and Street Enforcement and for the last few years a member of SRT (Special Response Team). He has a great passion for what he does and is very good at it. Yes, I worry at times – but I have faith in the training he and his team have – they have each other’s 6. He wants to make a difference. He does. Our daughter, Taylor is a senior in high school (Bishop Foley Catholic). Tay is currently looking at colleges to determine where to attend. She has always considered Ivy League schools and has the grades to support that; however, if scholarships can’t cover the majority she will have to settle for one of her other choices in either Florida or California (has her eye on going out-of-state and sun and beach!). Tay has considered law as a profession for years, however, she is not sold on exactly what career choice she will pursue. She has a very strong art background and has been pursued by schools such as CCS – so who knows, maybe we will get to have her continue at home for a little while after high school. Yes, that was a little about my family! lol

If you are the best one in the room…it is time to find a new room.



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