Perry Mehta

There are standard challenges every business faces when they open their doors—sales, the right hires, growth—and when you throw a difficult economy and tight-fisted loan officers into the mix, it’s a miracle that any business survives. But there are companies that excel in the tough times, and push past the resistance with unrelenting drive and vision. The definition of what FutureNet Group is today is a culmination of many factors, through the Minority Supplier Development Council, resources offered by the Detroit MBDA Business Center and access to capital and made available through the Minority Business Access Fund.

Founded by Perry Mehta, President and CEO, FutureNet Group Inc. is a Detroit-based construction, environmental, security and technology services company that employs more than 200+ people worldwide. For Mehta, the goal had always been to become a successful business executive. After earning a degree in Civil Engineering and a Master’s degree in Environmental Engineering, he moved to Detroit and spent his days as an employee and his evenings making his life vision a reality. In 1994, the choice was clear. He would focus all of this attention on his small technology company. MBE certification in 2003 transitioned his vision into reality, moving FutureNet Group to a full- time, certified and profit-bearing operation.

It was the beginning of an era that was best distinguished by FNG’s growing reputation as a dedicated competitor in the Federal Government sector. All of the right boxes had been checked; DBE, MBE, and SBA 8(a) certifications helped to transition the firm into a reputable government contractor. “The MMSDC provides solid platforms upon which growing companies can continue to build,” said Michelle Sourie Robinson, President/CEO of MMSDC. “We look at, create, extend and sustain every available opportunity for success.”

Throughout the company’s history, Mehta has always strived to distinguish FNG from its competitors. So, early on, he insisted on implementing a range of new initiatives. Training programs were put into practice to make sure that all employees understood how to provide the best customer service to biggest clients. In order to build a recession-proof company and to move from a small-to-mid-sized firm, he tasked his executive team to improve productivity, to create lean, responsive teams, and to maximize profits and reduce risks. The results were exemplary. They have been generously recognized by many, including Ernst &Young, Crain’s, Inc., and The White House; they have expanded their professional service offerings, acquired smaller companies, progressively occupy larger facilities and continue to value the MBDA relationship and support.

But business hurdles are always around. They can either break you or make you stronger, and the recent recession only encouraged the highly respected leader and team builder, to stay the course and not to stray from his mission to grow the company by being a best-value government contractor. With the assistance and support of the MMSDC Minority Business Access Fund and the Detroit MBDA Business Center FutureNet secured a $20 Million asset based financial package with MBE Capital Partners. “It was a net that not only provided safety, but allowed us to rebound as well,” said Mehta.

“We look at, create, extend and sustain every available opportunity for success.”

“The MBDA was more than lip service,” said Mehta, “Our certification allowed us to learn while simultaneously helping other organizations with our service delivery.” It placed FutureNet Group in the arena to access government contract opportunities, providing necessary criteria to take advantage of those opportunities as well as build upon the accomplishments we realized. “Companies like FutureNet rep resent a prime opportunity for us to extend much needed financial support,” said Rafael Martinez of MBE Capital. “This is the life-preserver for minority businesses, as well as a financial platform that has the ability to propel them to new heights.”

All of the executives at FutureNet Group continue to evaluate the competitive landscape and stake their claim on added value. Key among their offerings is an in-house proposal team, a range of business certifications, target marketing to federal, state and municipal agencies, and constantly revamping the management system to offer team-building expertise and impassioned leadership.

The importance and impact of a 12 year relationship is summarized by Mehta as follows:

  • Champion for minority businesses;
  • MBE certification is validation of who you are, andwhat you can do;
  • The resources available vary by and are relative tothe stages of your business.

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