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Sean Duval - CEO, Golden Limousine

"Sean continues to be a strong leader for our company and for our community. During this pandemic, after having to lay off nearly all of the staff, Sean continued to pay healthcare for his employees, even assuming the employee portion of the premium. He kept regular contact with the employees helping them access social service resources and helping where he could, even buying diapers, gas, and food for those that needed help, while they were waiting for unemployment benefits." - Maya Adrine

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DTE Foundation

"The DTE Foundation in coordination with many DTE support groups donated and delivered PPE materials to areas of need within Detroit and the State of Michigan in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The DTE Foundation also supported non-profits across the state through meals to families and donation matches, support of small businesses through the Accounting Aid society and their assistance with the Small Business Association's Paycheck Protection Program." - Dan Muschong

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Kevin Carstensen - Flex

"During the early days of COVID there was a shortage of masks for Doctors and nurses in the hospitals. Kevin designed, 3D printed and sourced supplies to donate 160 N95 like masks. These were donated to Beaumont, St. Josephs, and Ascension hospitals throughout SE Michigan. After schools started, Kevin received a notice from several middle and high school teachers that there was a big concern with students being able to play the flute in light of covid-19. Working with another group, he designed a protector that significantly reduces the spread of droplets while playing the flute. Kevin printed, assembled, and distributed 120 sets of flute protectors for local students." - Brian Moore

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Virginia Berry - Lee

"Virginia is a retiree but freelances as a seamstress on the side. Her daughter is a physician, and when COVID hit and there was a shortage in masks, Mrs. Berry-Lee learned how to make them, and she began making masks for her daughters' entire practice then continued to support others in need." - Chareese Williams

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Jacob Barlow - Comerica Bank

"When the Pandemic first started, many banking centers along Woodward Ave. shut down for health reasons. Because of this Jacobs branch was the only one left open. Adhering to all executive orders and putting faith over fear, Jacob continued to work every day including every Saturday. Watching some customers come in panicking he maintained professionalism, great customer service, and keeping a smile on his face while going out of his way to serve customers every day." - Shannon Ellison Barlow

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Kimberly Wilson - Phlebotomy by Kar

"During the pandemic Phlebotomy by KAR LLC, donated safety services at 10 distribution sites throughout Detroit during the MMSDC/DTE Foundation's city-wide PPE Kit Distribution event in July 2020. The minority owned business conducted Covid surveys as well as temperature scans for employees and volunteers who worked at each site." - Jacqui Showers

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Rod Rickman - Rickman Enterprise Group

"Rickman Enterprise Group impacted the Community by voluntarily serving as distribution site as well as sole warehouse and transportation partner during MMSDC/DTE's city-wide PPE Kit Distribution Event." - Tracy McGuire

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Aaron C. Marshall - Southfield Public Schools

"Throughout the pandemic, Aaron secured a partnership between Southfield Public Schools and Perfect Pact, LLC, to provide fresh produce and dairy boxes to families across the community. Each Friday he personally helps to distribute these boxes to hundreds of families despite risk to his personal safety. "It's very rewarding and brings our community together." said Aaron during an interview in the Southfield Sun." - Brenda Marshall

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Yum Village

"Yum Village didn't want to be on the sidelines watching our community in need suffer needlessly. So, they partnered with their local constituents and did what they could to put good honest food into accessible programs and mediums so that families could eat well through these uncertain times." - Antoinette Turner

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Jason Hargrove (Posthumous) - Detroit Bus Driver

"Jason was a wonderful hardworking D-dot driver. He was a husband and a father of 6 children. Knowing the risks he faced during the pandemic, Jason still went out his way to drive that bus everyday in order to move the community citizens about. He was deemed an essential worker and was very dedicated to his work as a Ddot driver. Jason is deeply missed by his family and community, and we thank and honor him for his service." - Desha Johnson-Hargrove