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Workforce Development Campaign for Inclusive Growth Workshop

April 12 @ 10:00 am - 11:00 am

MMSDC will be a hub for workforce development to engage and support MBE companies with the following:

  • Explore the development of an electronic pipeline of talent for MBE Companies ¥ Offer recruitment & job fair support
  • Employee soft skills training to address MBE concerns ¥ Going PRO Talent Fund application assistance
  • Surge Center Ð Business Resource Network (BRN) ¥ Community Venture Program (CV)
  • On the Job Training Program (OJT) ¥ The Youth Work Experience Program
  • The Marshall Plan for Talent Innovation Program ¥ Provide one-on-one MBE workforce support
  • Grow Young Talent Ð Detroit

Come learn about how your company and employees can earn up to $9,000 per hire in grants and wrap-around services through Community Ventures. Community Ventures (CV) is a post-employment economic development initiative that promotes employment and social enterprise. Employers across the city of Detroit are able to join the CV Business Resource Network and identify new employees as potential candidates for the program. SER Metro is the only Detroit Service Provider under the Detroit Employment Solutions Corporation (DESC) and focuses on the success of CV participants by providing wrap-around services that promote job retention, removal of barriers, and skill development to succeed in achieving long-term, full-time employment.

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