EWIE Co & Cadena: The Role of Mentorship In Developing an MBE

Through our blog, the MMSDC and the Detroit MBDA Center plans to feature stories and reflections from people in the minority supplier development community. For one of our first posts, we wanted to highlight the role mentorship plays among MBEs. As Dilip shows us, mentoring a fellow entrepreneur can not only benefit minority communities, but it can also lead to new business success.


EWIE Co & Cadena:
The Role of Mentorship In Developing an MBE

A persistent question among minority business owners is: how do I grow from a Class I MBE to a Class IV supplier?

Dilip Mullick and Manoj Sachdeva
Dilip Mullick and Manoj Sachdeva pose at the 2015 MMSDC ACE Awards in Detroit, MI

One MMSDC Board member, Dilip Mullick has solved this puzzle.  More than once.

By way of background, Dilip, who is also the President & CEO of EWIE Company, Inc., currently mentors Cadena LLC, a Class I supplier of environmental quality assurance programs.  In October, 2013, Dilip, his business partner, Manoj Sachdeva and Armando Ojeda, the former Director of Supplier Diversity Development at Ford, formed Cadena for the purpose of acquiring a Minority Business Enterprise with an established operating history and a proprietary technology.

There is significant benefit derived from having investors and mentors with experience in scaling multiple MBEs into successful Class III and Class IV suppliers.  Starting as a small tooling company supplying a single components part plant in Monroe, MI, Dilip and Manoj scaled EWIE into a global supplier that today holds a dominant position in industrial cutting tools and abrasives.  They repeated this success 2005 with PSMI, another fast-growing tooling supplier and one year later launched SourcePRO, a supplier of industrial MRO products and IT-enabled integrated inventory management systems.

In the case of Cadena, Dilip brought instant credibility with his well-earned reputation as an innovative supplier that delivers technology-enabled business processes to its OEM customers.  In addition to operating capital, Cadena and Armando benefit from access to the well-honed skills and talents of professional managers and business advisors that support the EWIE Group of Companies.  Equally valuable is the business acumen that Dilip and Manoj exemplify and share with Armando and the Cadena leadership to help the enterprise grow successfully.

cailo sureo and armando orjeda
Armando Orjeda (right) with MHCC Executive Director Camilo Suero (credit: dbusiness.com)

Dilip takes the lead in seeding many MBE’s and believes in providing access to his considerable business resources, be they intellectual or financial capital.  And he is generous in sponsoring the institutions to enable the growth of MBE’s such as the Michigan Minority Supplier Development Council.  Cadena is an example of what is possible when an experienced and successful entrepreneur commits to mentoring a newly minted business owner to create enterprise value and accountability for growth.

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