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BLAC® Box: Give a gift that keeps on giving by supporting Black-owned businesses this holiday season with a BLAC® Box. Perfect for friends, family, and customers, no two boxes are alike. With each box you’ll receive a copy of BLAC Magazine, and 5 products created by small black-owned businesses. Discover new products, artists, and music with your purchase. Supplies are limited, don’t miss out on this incredibly opportunity.



PR’s Premium BBQ Sauce -N- Things, LLC

We offer BBQ Sauces (Original and Spicy) that are derived from a 70-year old family recipe and includes a ketchup base that is made from scratch. We also offer Dry Rubs that are individually designed for 3 distinct meat categories (Beef/Pork, Poultry, Seafood). These Dry Rubs are also designed to blend perfectly with our BBQ sauces. All of our products include ingredients that are All Fresh, Natural and Organic ingredients.

Coupon Code: 04020620


Mrs. Pruitt’s Gourmet CHA CHA

Mrs. Pruitt’s Gourmet CHA CHA is a relish, condiment, sauce. Cabbage and green tomato with a special blend of herbs and pickling spice. Family recipe since the early 1830’s from the backwoods of South Carolina. CHA CHA is similar to Chow Chow, just much better. Taste the difference. A skinny condiment: Cholesterol free, Dairy free, Soy free and Trans fat free.



Zuke-iT, makers of Bra-Less Bra, Instant Cleavage Sculpting Solution

Bra-Less Bra, Instant Cleavage Sculpting Solution is a specially design-engineered breast-lifting tape that lifts, separates and supports breasts allllll the way to an N-Cup! The solution to the age-old issue of gravity and larger bust-sizes. Made in the U.S.A by a 100% all-woman, MBE certified team. Stop letting your bra dictate your fashion choices, and love your look even more...

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Le’Host Hair and Wigs is a company that prides itself on integrity and high standards of service. Specializing in hair replacements for over 20 years has enabled them to become experts in this area and they’re honored to provide you with a service that you will love and cherish. They provide custom-made wigs and designer wigs that are cutting edge in the industry. Additionally, they service weave clients, natural hair, and those that have special needs, such as alopecia or hair loss. Owners Henry and Haith Johnson have been in the beauty industry for over 30 years having the privilege servicing high profile celebrities, working on film productions, TV shows, music videos, award shows and alike. They have an inventory of over 300+ wigs in stock to select from.




Tayion Collection is an apparel line for stylish men based in Taylor, Michigan. We customize our clothing designs to the diverse personality of our customers. Wear it to work, for a Sunday church service, or at a black-tie event. Our wardrobe collection is available online and through our retail partners, Macy’s and Men’s Wearhouse.



Amazing Apparel II

At Amazing Apparel II, we believe that every customer deserves a closet full of trendy, quality fashion. That’s why we made it a mission to supply women sizes small to 3X with the most up-to-date designer apparel for every occasion. We are a one stop shop for the woman on the go, someone who wants to dress up their outfit for work and later assess arise it for a night out.

Coupon Code: 25% of all fur coats


G.L.A.M. Body Scrub

We make all natural body scrubs using all natural and organic ingredients with no chemicals, no additives, no preservatives, and no animal testing. Infused with essential oils, our exfoliants allow fresh new cells to regenerate and leave your skin looking and feeling fabulous by exfoliating and removing old skin cells, leaving you hydrated, smooth, more lustrous skin.




At CommodiTeas, you will find premium quality tea and home goods that reflect your unbelievable style. We supply great products because you demand great taste.



Daddy’s Dough

A good homemade cookie is hard to find. We make it easy! Our family makes every delicious cookie from scratch. We do the work, you get the praise, making your whole family happy.



Complete Dominance Athletics

Complete Dominance Athletics provide top quality sports apparel for men and women also sports accessories we also provide personal training for all.



Star Active Wear

Stars Activewear apparel provides high performance sportswear to athletes, active teens and adults who are looking for high quality compression wear that performs well during workouts it is comfortable and provides good support at an affordable price. Our mission is to emphasize the importance of exercise and encourage a healthy lifestyle. ”Discover The Star In You”!



Mindset Meals

Our vision is to make well-being accessible to underserved communities. Mindset will create brands, develop technologies, and design products to provide affordable access to mental, physical, and financial health. While our product roadmap encompasses a holistic view of a well-balanced life, we believe access to affordable, healthy food is the foundation.



All N All Supplies, LLC

We offer office supplies, school supplies, medical supplies.



No filter Cosmetics

We create power-packed luxury hair and skincare products.