Recently Certified MBE Automotive Insight is a Finalist in Cummins National Search for Sustainable Innovations

Local Innovator Automotive Insight is a finalist in Cummins national search for sustainable Innovations

A local innovator with a brilliant solution for saving Millions is a finalist of the Cummins US Innovation Gateway.

Automotive Insight submitted their ingenious idea after Cummins, a global power leader, called on innovators of all sizes to come forward with sustainable innovations to help Cummins achieve their Environmental targets in the USA.

The Cummins Innovation Gateway, launched in February and is looking for green and innovative suppliers to positively impact Cummins 2020 Environmental targets whilst promoting supplier inclusion.

The project team, led by Jim Johnson, Corporate Indirect Purchasing Sourcing Specialist at Cummins, is delighted with the quality of the finalists. “We have been very impressed with the quality of the innovations received and even more with the potential for environmental impact and savings. Automotive insight should be very proud to be a finalist in the Cummins Innovation Gateway”.

Automotive Insight is a women-owned minority company from Troy Michigan, specializing in bringing technology to the Automotive Industry. The innovative product is called Tool-X, a Military Grade Nano Fluid that has many applications for Cummins. Jim English, the innovator representative explains, Tool-X is a nanotechnology metalworking additive for cutting fluids and has been validated to reduce machining costs by as much as 25%.

The nanoparticles withstand high temperatures to lubricate and reduce machining friction, conduct heat away from the tool, remove build-up on contact surfaces, and strain harden / shot peen the tool. The tangible benefits to machine tool operators are lower costs — machines can work at faster feeds and speeds, improve accuracy, precision and surface finish, and extend tool life.

Automotive Insight quotes “We were very gratified that Cummins reached out to us, searching for entrepreneurial opportunities to reduce their carbon footprint!”

Automotive Insight continues “Being a small company, it was impressive that Cummins believed in us as innovators who may have helpful solutions. We were thankful that we could offer Tool-X, our proprietary metalworking fluids that utilize nanoparticles to improve tool life and reduce costs. Becoming a Finalist offers validation of our work and the industry awareness to grow our business. We’re forever appreciative!”

Automotive Insight was one of over 60 companies from across the globe who submitted an idea to the Cummins Innovation Gateway when Cummins Inc launched the programme back in February 2019.

Their idea will be presented on April 8th, to a high caliber panel in Cummins home city, Columbus, Indiana;


Cummins Inc

  • Brian Mormino – Executive Director – Worldwide Environmental Strategy Compliance
  • Laura Jones – Functional Excellence Manager – Facilities
  • Morgan Andreae – Executive Director of Growth Office
  • Helena Hutton – Diversity Procurement Director
  • Jim Gruwell – Executive Director – Strategic Purchasing


External Judges

  • Eli Levine – Clean Energy Manufacturing Initiative (CEMI) Leader – Department of Energy
  • Carolyn Mosby – President/CEO – Mid-States Minority Supplier Development Council
  • Marcela Navarro – CEO and Co-Founder Project X – Global
  • Dr. John Sutherland – Purdue University
  • Jason Whitney –  Indiana University Research and Technology Corporation’s Manager of Strategic Partnerships


who will decide which innovations will have the opportunity to be implemented, and if successful, scaled, on Cummins sites in the USA.

Jim English notes “Projects like the Cummins Innovation Gateway provide a great opportunity for innovations to gain recognition and credibility on a national and international scale, accelerating our opportunities to access markets and scale.

This project with Cummins would help Automotive Insight to authenticate our Tool-X technology in Cummins’ manufacturing facilities, and boost recognition of our award-winning technology. With this success story, Automotive Insight could accelerate sales to the North American Automotive manufacturing base, providing early success for our startup business.

Finalists like Automotive Insight, if successful, will have the opportunity to test their innovations in Cummins sites in the USA.


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