Joint Venture Guidelines

Best processes and practices in joint ventures.

Joint Venture Guidelines

Michigan has long been a region on the cutting-edge of building high-growth minority businesses. One growth model, joint ventures, has now been in the marketplace with proven results and lessons learned.  The Michigan Minority Supplier Development Council (MMSDC) wanted to transparently explore the successes and pitfalls, while creating a blueprint to help all industries explore how to utilize joint ventures as a tool for growth.

Joint Venture Taskforce

In 2015, MMSDC assembled a national team of key thought leaders including corporate procurement leaders, minority business owners, attorneys, and academia to draft best practices. The group’s findings will now be shared with the entire network.

Joint Venture Task Force Members:

  • Art Dudley
  • Len Greenhalgh
  • Ralph Moore
  • Burt Jordan
  • Reggie Humphrey
  • Michelle Sourie Robinson
  • Andra Rush
  • Reggie Layton
  • Leamon Sowell