Determine your Company's Worth – Present & Future

The Business Valuation Tool is a simulator that will help you determine the gaps that your business might have before you get a professional business valuation, whether that is on the leadership, commercial, financial or technical maturity aspects that a potential buyer, investor or partner might consider.

Why you need a Pre-Valuation Assessment

  • >90% of companies are not ready to exit
  • Your company could be worth 3x to 48X EBITDA

Are you ready to learn how much your company might be worth?

Company Pre-Valuation Premises

  • Methodologies
  • Perspectives & Risks
  • BV SCORE & how it works
  • How to get started

Company Pre-Valuation Methodologies

  • Market Approach – Multiples
  • Discounted Cash Flow Approach: intrinsic value
  • Cost Approach: cost to build or replace

Company Pre-Valuation Perspectives & Risks

Seller (Assets + Past Performance) vs. Buyer or Investor (Future Revenue – IRR)

  1. Market risks
  2. Financial risks
  3. Commercial risks
  4. Business continuity risks
  5. Technology & innovation risks
  6. Performance risks
  7. Supply Chain risks

Company Pre-Valuation SCORE

It includes +60 factors grouped in 4 major categories:

  • Company Profile: team, market, trajectory, etc
  • Financial Profile: Financials, cashflow, ARR, EBITDA, Credit Score, IRR & 5 yr projection, etc
  • Technical Profile: core business proficiency, equipment, IP, KPIs, certifications, specialized know-how, etc
  • Commercial Profile: market share, positioning, NPS, sales tools, team, performance, etc

How the SCORE Works

The Valuation Algorithm calculates the SCORE of each factor and category considering 3 elements:

  • Current state
  • Criticality
  • Complexity-timeframe-cost to close gap (if any)
Screen Shot 2023-05-24 at 9.29.34 PM

How to Get Started

Before you can access the Business Valuation Tool, you will need the following elements:

  • Business Model (Canvas)
  • Questionnaire (download)
  • Financial Statements
  • Sales Presentation
  • Memorandum of sale (if any)

Request your Pre-Valuation Today

What you will get:

  • Full Pre-Valuation Assessment Report
  • Scenarios to increase your Company's valuation
  • Specialized assistance to close gaps & scale your company
  • Assistance to market your company before Buyers or Investors


The report generated should not be considered as a Business Valuation. We recommend you seek for professional advice on the gaps this report finds.

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