Rate the MMSDC: Participate in the nationwide survey January 9 – 27

Please participate in the NMSDC Survey January 9 – 27

Our national organization distributes annual satisfaction surveys to constituents to review the performance of every Regional Affiliate Council in the network. The 2016 Constituent Satisfaction Survey will be sent to all NMSDC constituents e.g. national members, local members and certified MBEs on January 9th.

This survey is critical – the results not only significantly impact our annual KPIs, but determine our ranking as a council AND the level of bonus allocation we receive from national dues to support our programming.  It is vital that ALL constituents participate in this critical survey. We use the feedback to measure our performance and adjust our service(s) to our constituents.

Where is it?

An email from [email protected] should have arrived in the inbox of your company’s designated MMSDC primary contact on Monday, January 9.

If you do not see the email from the National Minority Supplier Development Council, the email may

-Be in your spam folder.

-Have been sent to somebody else (the primary contact) at your company.

Why should I participate?

This survey affects not only the council, but also our constituents here in Michigan. Our satisfaction scores for both MBEs and Corporate members determines the council’s percentage of shared revenue that is allocated to Michigan. That means, a portion of the money we use to help develop MBEs and support corporations in their minority supplier development efforts, is generated based on the responses we receive from the survey.

I’m still confused

If you have any other questions about the NMSDC survey, how to find it, or its impact please feel free to call the MMSDC office or your MMSDC Touchpoint representative today and we all will be happy to assist you.

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